Cults: From Mysterious Hipster Favorites to Mainstream Success

Cults. The word itself is mysterious and dark, and the first thing to come to mind is either Charles Manson or Jim Jones. A few years ago, an indie band called Cults uploaded a few songs onto their Bandcamp profile and within a short amount of time they went from unknown to a viral hit. Since the music was uploaded primarily for family and friends, there was no background information or even a picture to go along with the music, so virtually nothing was known about Cults. Any attempts to Google the band were futile because typing in their name would result in countless pages of religious cult information, and this only added to their mystique.

Today, the band is no longer shrouded in mystery. The duo is made up of Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, and they are backed by a few of their friends. Brian and Madeline are actually dating, and they say that their style of music comes from something they both enjoy: 60’s pop. The band recently released a self-titled album, and it has garnered praise from critics and bloggers alike. “Go Outside” is the duo’s most popular song, and it is my pick for the best summer song of 2011. Other standouts from Cults are “Abducted,” which was called the best song of 2011 by NPR, and “You Know What I Mean,” which is arguably the best song on the album. Here are a few of Cults’ songs, and the entire thing is available for download on iTunes.

Go Outside – Cults

Abducted – Cults

You Know What I Mean – Cults



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