New Say Anything Album Is In The Works!

Not much new music to blog about so far today, so I am turning my attention towards something that has me really excited about the future. Say Anything is one of my favorite bands, and they have always made music that I have always enjoyed, and they make songs that are both sick, dark, and twisted while at the same time being beautifully written and able to tell relatable stories.

Lead singer Max Bemis has struggled with drug use and mental disorders, and although he made great music during these periods, he was never where he truly wanted to be mentally. During the recording of the album …Is a Real Boy, Max had a mental breakdown which was eventually diagnosed as bipolar disorder. In 2005, Bemis had another breakdown which lead to his arrest, and he ended up in a mental hospital (which he talks about in his song “Church Channel”).

Say Anything has released 3 studio albums to date, and they are currently working on their fourth. It was recently announced that they are working with producer Tim O’Heir, who also produced their first and arguably best album, …Is a Real Boy. Max posted a video on the band’s website announcing their signing with Equal Vision Records, and being a longtime Say Anything fan I can say that I am excited about the partnership because this means that they can finally make the music they want to make and not have a label breathing down their necks as they record. Check out the video below or head to Say Anything’s website to learn more.


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