Brenton Duvall- Some Other Party in Paradise Remix

Brenton Duvall is one of the best young DJ/Producers out there right now, and he just dropped a new remix that features Biggie vocals over a Phil Collins sample. Brenton keeps hitting us with great tracks, and I’m sure he’ll keep providing us with good music for a long time. Here’s what he had to say about this remix:

I don’t think I was ever gonna drop this track…Kinda unfinished…Only been played live a few times. Phil Collins sample. Look at that young guy. Some Biggie for good measure, because remixes aren’t remixes until Biggie’s on them. Then it’s a real remix.

Anyway, here’s an unreleased track. Most tracks are unreleased until they are released though.

Shoutout to GMAD for providing the download link. Download

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