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Say Anything – “Burn A Miracle”

Say Anything’s first studio album “…Is A Real Boy” is arguably one of the best indie punk albums ever created, and for a while it seemed like they would never make music at that level again. The band’s frontman Max Bemis was really fucked up (drugs, bipolar disorder, and paranoid delusions) during the recording of the first album, and it felt like he couldn’t reproduce the musical genius he had tapped into for “…Is A Real Boy.”

While I’ve been somewhat disappointed by their subsequent releases, they’re currently recording their next one and I’m holding out hope that it will live up to what I think it can be. The album is being produced by Tim O’Heir (who produced “IARB”) so I think it has the potential to be great. The first single that they recently put out sounds a lot like their old stuff with Max’s great songwriting and weird metaphors, and it only makes me more excited for this album.

Frank Ocean – “4 Tears”

Frank Ocean took to his Tumblr a few days ago to drop this little snippet, and it’s more of the same old Frank that everyone knows and loves. One of the reasons why I hate Drake is because he is soft and emotional, but for some reason Frank singing about his emotions sits better with me (weird, I know). Frank Ocean was one of my favorite new artists of 2011, and he is poised to get even bigger this year. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

Download here 

Telekinesis – Two New Covers

Once upon a time I knew a girl who liked some pretty cool bands, and one of the bands she introduced me to was Telekinesis. “Coast Of Carolina” and “I Saw Lightning” are two of my favorite songs ever, and I recently stumbled across a few new covers that Michael Lerner’s (the man behind the Telekinesis moniker) SoundCloud. The covers are of Elastica’s “Annie” and Wire’s “Outdoor Miner,” and it’s always nice to hear new music.

The xx – “Open Eyes” (Demo)

I was sick for the past few days, and that explains the sudden flood of new posts tonight. Here’s a new demo from The xx, although it seems very unpolished I still like hearing new material. They had one of my favorite albums of 2009 with xx and I’m excited to see where they go with their next album. According to Jamie xx the next project is influenced by club music and the band wants to get it out before the music festivals next summer. Download the “Open Eyes” demo here.

Childish Gambino – “Ima Boss”

So Gambino did an “Ima Boss” freestyle during the encore of every show during his last tour, and I thought he killed the one at the show in Boston. I can’t specifically remember anything he said so you’ll have to take my word for it. This one is also different from the one he did on 106 & Park, so it’s nice to know he doesn’t just recycle his rhymes like some rappers do.

Ryan Leslie – “Good Girl”


If you think you’ve never heard anything by Ryan Leslie, you’re probably wrong. Although he’s fairly new to making his own music, he’s been producing hits like Cassie’s “Me & U” for years. The guy skipped his senior year of high school and graduated from Harvard at 19, so I guess you could call him a genius. This song is from his upcoming album Les Is More.

Lana Del Rey – “Yayo”


So it’s Christmas Eve, and I have just the thing to make up for the fact that your parents.. err Santa, was too cheap to buy you everything on your list this year. Well, here I am to tell you that I have a gift for you, and it’s a new Lana Del Rey song called “Yayo”. Although her songs were few and far between at first, she’s been dropping new songs all the time in preparation for her upcoming album Born To Die. Enjoy, and thanks to Joyce at Pigeons and Planes for the find.