Say Anything – “Burn A Miracle”

Say Anything’s first studio album “…Is A Real Boy” is arguably one of the best indie punk albums ever created, and for a while it seemed like they would never make music at that level again. The band’s frontman Max Bemis was really fucked up (drugs, bipolar disorder, and paranoid delusions) during the recording of the first album, and it felt like he couldn’t reproduce the musical genius he had tapped into for “…Is A Real Boy.”

While I’ve been somewhat disappointed by their subsequent releases, they’re currently recording their next one and I’m holding out hope that it will live up to what I think it can be. The album is being produced by Tim O’Heir (who produced “IARB”) so I think it has the potential to be great. The first single that they recently put out sounds a lot like their old stuff with Max’s great songwriting and weird metaphors, and it only makes me more excited for this album.

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