Childish Gambino – “Heartbeat” [Music Video]

UPDATE: Gambino just released the dirty version of the video with swears and whatnot.

My relationship with Childish Gambino’s music has been a rocky one at best. Unlike many who came into his musical career with a bias related to his acting, my first impression was his music. I had never heard of Donald Glover until I started listening to Gambino, so I looked at his music from the perspective of an unbiased hip hop fan. I liked his “I Am Not A Rapper” projects a lot, and I thought his “EP” was one amazing. I was underwhelmed by his album Camp, but “Heartbeat” was one of my favorites off of that record. Fun fact: the actress insisted on their first kiss being filmed, so the kiss in the backseat was actually the first time they locked lips.

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