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The Hood Internet – “Polish City (Tyga x Neon Indian)”

I’ve always had a soft spot for The Hood Internet, and if you’re familiar with them then you know they have the ability to take totally unrelated songs and seamlessly combine them into a flawless mashup. This time the duo took Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl” and paired it with Tyga’s hit “Rack City” and the product is nothing short of awesome.

The Hood Internet – “Move Up” [Wiz x Phantogram]

I’m not the biggest fan of Mr. Amber Rose, but I’m for the people. That said, here is the latest mashup from The Hood Internet. This one finds Wiz’s simp anthem “Roll Up” over Phantogram’s “Don’t Move,” and the fact that Phantogram is involved in this is the only reason I gave it a chance in the first place. Overall it’s not terrible, but I’d much rather hear Sarah Barthel over this beat than Wiz.

The Hood Internet – “Nightchain” (Wale x Kavinsky)

Well, The Hood Internet has done it again. The mashup wizards took two great songs (Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” & Wale’s “Chain Music”) and flawlessly meshed them together like they always do. “Nightcall” was great in the movie “Drive”, but I honestly think that it would’ve been much cooler if Ryan Gosling had driven around with Wale blasting from the trunk of his getaway car.

The Hood Internet – “One Midnight With You (M83 x Mayer Hawthorne)”

The Hood Internet is known for their perfectly executed mash-ups, and this one has M83’s hit “Midnight City” paired with Mayer Hawthorne’s “No Strings”. If you aren’t familiar with “Midnight City”, shame on you. It was one of the best songs of the summer of last year, and it was even featured in a Victoria’s Secret commercial.

All Of The Lights (Ellie Goulding x Portland Cello Project x Kanye West) -The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet is a production duo from Chicago who specialize in making mash-ups. They almost always combine hip-hop and indie rock, and they are masters at what they do.

This track has them combining Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” with Portland Cello Project’s cover of “All Of The Lights”. “Lights” is one of the most remixed and mashed songs around right now, and this is definitely one of the standouts.