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Kid Cudi – “The Ruler & The Killer”

Like a lot of others I wasn’t too impressed by Cudi’s last project WZRD, but I like this song off of the upcoming soundtrack for The Hunger Games. The soundtrack is also going to feature artists like Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire, and The Decemberists so be sure to check out The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond.


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SBTRKT – “Surely”

If you haven’t heard of SBTRKT  you probably need to get out more and find some friends with good taste in music. His self-titled debut last year was amazing, and Drake even hopped on the track “Wildfire” for his own remix. This song was recorded at the same time as the album but apparently didn’t make the cut so SBTRKT decided to drop it via his Soundcloud yesterday. Check it out:

Tanlines – “Brothers (Joshua Ryan Remix)”

Before his days as Editor-In-Chief at Engadget and assembling the all-star tech team over at The Verge, Joshua Topolsky was a drummer, DJ, and producer who went by the name Joshua Ryan (it sounded better than Topolsky). Topolsky has been more focused on his tech career recently than his musical endeavors, but he took time out of his busy schedule to remix “Brothers” by  the Brooklyn pop duo Tanlines. One half of Tanlines is Topolsky’s brother, Eric Emm,  so it makes sense that he chose to work with this track.


The Hood Internet – “Polish City (Tyga x Neon Indian)”

I’ve always had a soft spot for The Hood Internet, and if you’re familiar with them then you know they have the ability to take totally unrelated songs and seamlessly combine them into a flawless mashup. This time the duo took Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl” and paired it with Tyga’s hit “Rack City” and the product is nothing short of awesome.

Diplo ft. Nicky Da B – “Express Yourself”

Diplo released a collaboration with Usher earlier this week and this new track “Express Yourself” is a change of pace from what we got with “Climax”. I’m a big fan of clapping (as a white male that’s my go-to move), and this song is very conducive to that.


Ro Ransom – “Temperature”

Well I’ll be damned. After a lengthy hiatus, Ro Ransom has decided to drop two tracks in advance of his long awaited debut mixtape Ransomnia. The first of the two songs was “Let’s Try This Again”, and now we have one called “Temperature”. Neither of these songs will be on Ransomnia, and that just means the tape will be full of even better stuff than these two great songs.



Cults – “You Know What I Mean” (Music Video)

I’ve been a fan of Cults for a while now, and I was actually listening to them last night for the first time in a while. Today the duo blessed the world with a video for their catchy, 1960’s-ish song “You Know What I Mean”. Now I’m no dermatologist, but I think that Madeline Follin should have brought Brian Oblivion to a doctor instead of a grassy field. Regardless, I would probably jump through a ring of fire too if it got Madeline Follin to serenade me. Follow the link below to watch the video over on NPR.

“You Know What I Mean” by Cults