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Is Earl Sweatshirt REALLY Back?

Although the whole affair has been shrouded in mystery, it appears as though Earl Sweatshirt has finally returned. If you’re a fan of OFWGKTA, you probably know that Thebe has been away in Samoa for quite some time. We have been hoaxed into believing he was home by Odd Future before, but this time it appears as though he is really back, and this time he has a Twitter account. First we received this Youtube video saying a full song would be released if he received 50,000 followers, and now we also have the full song. Check out the video and the link to the song below.

Listen to the full song HERE.

Is Kile Kanvas The Next Earl Sweatshirt?

Now I know you’re going to see the title of this post and think I’m crazy, but hear me out first. I heard of this kid earlier this week over on itsthebino, and Sperry mentioned Earl in his post and that’s what got the idea in my head. Before you write this off as craziness I want you to listen to the song and think about this: Kile Kanvas is only fifteen and this song is pretty damn good for a kid that age. Like Sperry said, his voice and flow are both reminiscent of Earl and I think this song could even pass as one of Earl’s earlier songs. All I know is that I couldn’t have made this song on my own at fifteen (or even twenty), so I’m impressed by the first song I’ve heard from Kile. Is this kid the next Earl Sweatshirt (who is called the next Nas)? Is this some elaborate hoax put on by Odd Future? Decide for yourself.

Earl Sweatshirt – Deerskin


Found this over on Mostly Junkfood’s twitter, and I have to say I’m pretty glad I caught this one. Earl is definitely talented, and although I’m not a fan of OFWGKTA as a whole, Earl and Frank Ocean (Odd Future’s crooner) are both rising stars. As almost everyone knows, Earl is currently off the map, but even though he hasn’t been heard from in a while his stock is continuing to rise thanks to the proliferation of music blogs. FREE EARL